7 Steps to Picking the Best Diapers

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No one can argue how amazingly comfortable disposable diapers can be for babies and how they can make parents’ lives a whole lot easier too. But how do you choose between diaper brands when all brands claim to be the best? Find out how to pick out diapers like a pro.


Having difficulty choosing between diaper brands? Let us help you make the decision! 

Parents have a love-hate relationship with disposable diapers. They love how convenient these diapers are at containing their little angel’s poo and pee at all times. Unfortunately, they also hate how some diapers are of terrible quality and a waste of money. Because children go through so many diapers monthly, the only wise thing to do for parents is to brush up their knowledge on how to choose between diaper brands. Using effective, high-quality diapers can help cut down expenses significantly.

Step 1

Before you choose between diaper brands, make sure that you know how big your baby is. Most diaper brands have specific sizes ranging from newborn to XXL. If you buy diapers that are too small, it could cause rashes and skin irritation on your baby. Buying diapers that are one size too big will also cause a lot of leaks.

Step 2

Buy only two of each diaper brand that you prefer when beginning your trial and error process. Choose between diaper brands that promise excellent absorbency. As a true test, use a different brand of diaper at night. The diaper which doesn’t leak and stays absorbent after several hours will surely be the winner. If you are sure of your choice, then it is time to stock up on that particular diaper brand.

Step 3

When you choose between diaper brands, take into consideration how it fits your child. Disposable diapers, although all small in size, can still differ in fit. A diaper that properly fits your baby helps prevent leaks especially when sleeping, crawling and playing. Also, pick out diapers that offer elastic edges to seal in fluids.

Step 4

As you choose between diaper brands, pick out those diapers that come with elastic backs, side wings and Velcro style closure. Elastic backs ensure great fit and comfort while side wings prevent leaks. Velcro style closure in diapers make fit adjustments and refastening easy where as other adhesive closure diapers don’t allow refastening.

Step 5

Choose between diaper brands that feel comfortable on the skin. Some diapers tend to use too much plastic material, so opt for a brand that has a cotton feel and is soft. Look out for sharp edges and seams that may hurt your baby’s skin and cause irritations.

Step 6

If you have settled on a particular diaper brand, don’t hesitate to explore all the types of diapers that it has to offer. One brand will usually offer a variety of diapers with different add-ons that you might like, so check them out.

Step 7

If you are still unsure how to choose between diaper brands, ask for recommendations from friends and family who have babies. Other parents can offer valuable insight as they have tons of experience picking out diapers too.

In a nutshell, choose between diaper brands that offer the best absorbency and comfort. With these qualities in a diaper, your child will be so much happier.


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