INFANITY Premium Baby Wet Wipes - 16 packs x 70 Sheets

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Expiry date: 3 years from mfg date

Introducing Infanity Premium Baby Wipes - the perfect choice for parents who want to provide the best care for their newborn's delicate skin. Infanity baby wipes are alcohol-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free, making them a gentle and safe choice for your little one.

Enriched with aloe vera extract and vitamin E, these wipes provide extra care and nourishment to your baby's skin. Moreover, they are pH balanced and dermatologically and microbiologically tested, ensuring that they are safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

With Infanity baby wipes, you can rest assured that you are giving your baby the best care possible, without compromising on quality. So, whether you're at home or on the go, Infanity baby wipes are the perfect solution for keeping your baby clean, fresh, and happy.

Product Features
99.9% water
Alcohol Free
Paraben Free
Fragrance Free
Honey Comb Embossed for Easy Cleaning
Aloe Vera Extract
Vitamin E
*1.5 Times Thicker
*One Touch Lid