KAO Quickle Floor Wiper Sheets (Magiclean)

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KAO Quickle Floor Wiper Sheets
- Size: Approx. 205mm x285mm

Unscented 32 sheets
Rose 32 sheets
Citrus Herb 32 sheets
Strong 24 sheets
Strong Lemon 24 sheets

- Contains floor cleaning agent with anti-bacterial properties (kills 99.9% bacteria) for a clean and non-sticky floor
- Approximately 650,000 micro-fibres and unique uneven pattern that powerfully trap dust, dirt and even dust mites for superior cleaning ability
- Remove dirt and spills with less effort

How to use
* Make sure that the handle of the quick wiper is not loose.
1. Take out a sheet from the pack
2. Place the Quickle wiper in the center of the seat and push it into the insertion holes (4 places) so that the head is wrapped in it.
3. Hold the Quickle wiper with one hand as much as possible and wipe the floor.

Note: Even if the floor does not get wet during use, dirt can be removed.